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TJC slot change on Freeview

Shopping channel TJC has moved to a new multiplex slot on Freeview, meaning viewers may need to retune to continue watching.

The move is part of a chain of changes on the digital terrestrial television platform to cater for more channels to launch on the platform.

TJC remains on channel 49 for viewers who have retuned, or have a device that automatically retunes. The old version of TJC moves to channel 790 after retuning.

Following this technical change, TJC is no longer bundled with services such as Quest and 5USA (multiplex COM4), but is now transmitted as part of the signal that carries Sky News and Challenge on Freeview (multiplex COM5).

Knock-on changes
As a result, the Community Channel has moved from the bandwidth that TJC is now occupying, and is now only available to viewers with DVB-T2 compatible devices (Freeview HD, Freeview Play, YouView, EE TV) via a signal that covers just over 70% of UK households. The Community Channel is now bundled with services including The Craft Channel (multiplex COM8). Like TJC, the Community Channel keeps its current channel number, just the multiplex slot has changed.

The chain of changes also frees up bandwidth for Hochanda's official relaunch on Freeview channel 85 this weekend.