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Suffolk local DAB launch date set

Suffolk's own DAB digital radio multiplex is to go live on 30th September, enabling listeners to tune in to local radio via DAB for the first time.

The multiplex, operated by Muxco, will initially broadcast six radio stations to around 400,000 people. These will include:
  • BBC Radio Suffolk
  • Heart
  • Smooth Radio
  • Chris Country
  • Fun Kids
  • Suffolk First (a new service from Lincs FM)

All stations will broadcast in “original flavour” DAB.

Announcing the launch, Gregory Watson, Managing Director of MuxCo said:
“We’re excited to be launching our 10th MuxCo-branded multiplex in Suffolk at the end of the month. We’re already broadcasting over 60 radio stations to millions of people across the network and we’re looking forward to bringing local DAB to another county”.

According to Muxco, the multiplex will launch with transmitters at Puttocks Hill, Mendlesham and Warren’s Heath with a further transmitter at Felixstowe launching October. The south-west and north-east of the county, including Lowestoft remain outside of the coverage area at launch, but further transmitters are planned.

Listeners will need to rescan their digital radio when the multiplex launches. Older digital radios will need to have a "full scan" or "rest of world" scan to receive the new stations, which will be on VHF Block 10C.

Postcode level coverage details will appear soon via the official checker at www.getdigitalradio.com.

For children's station Fun Kids, the addition to the Suffolk DAB multiplex will complement its coverage on the Digital 2 DAB multiplex, with most of Suffolk out of the range of the Digital 2 signal.


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