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Capital FM appears on a national DAB slot

Global Radio has added the London version of hit music station Capital FM on to national DAB multiplex Digital One.

Labelled as "Capital UK" on national DAB, the move means many listeners now have the choice of listening to either their local version of the station or the UK wide edition with London's breakfast and drive-time shows and different adverts.

However, while the local versions of Capital are broadcast in stereo on DAB, Capital UK is in mono, using some of the capacity freed up by the move of several stations to the Digital 2 multiplex earlier this year. The launch of a UK-wide version of Capital on DAB appears to have been timed to follow the recent DAB addition of the last local versions of Capital that previously weren't on the digital radio service.

There’s already disappointment from some observers over DAB capacity being used to largely duplicate an existing service instead of offering more choice of music on the platform.

Global Radio already distributes the London version nationally via digital TV platforms including Freeview.


  1. The extra capacity should have been used to increase bit rates on existing channels. Most DAB channels sound pretty rough.

  2. Why isn't it in DAB+ stereo I ask myself !

    1. This is on the original Digital One multiplex, which I think at present has no DAB+ channels. The encoders may not have the capability, or they may be concerned about a DAB+ stream upsetting existing receivers when playing other channels on the mux thus suddently breaking lots of channels for loads of long term existing listeners.

  3. 80kbs mono should have been dab+Large retailers are still selling dab receivers why?

  4. I don't want more choice, I want better sound quality! DAB sounds dreadful apart from the BBC stations. Can we please have sound quality to at least FM standards!

  5. I think this is a good idea as I can't receive Capital around Ipswich and most of Suffolk. I only can get it around around South West Ipswich from Essex which is not that good for travelling around the town. This is about time! Good work!


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