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TVPlayer confirms arrival of MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central

Online TV service TVPlayer has today confirmed the launch of six new channels from US media giant Viacom on to its premium streaming service.

a516digital readers first got in touch about seeing placeholders for the extra channels on TVPlayer last month. From this week, MTV, Nickleodeon, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too, Comedy Central, Comedy Central Extra are now officially available, adding a range of popular entertainment programming to viewers subscribing to the TVPlayer Plus service, which continues to be available for £4.99 a month. TVPlayer Plus also includes pay TV channels from Sony, Discovery, Eurosport, UKTV, A+E Networks UK and National Geographic.

As part of the deal between TVPlayer's owner Simplestream and Viacom, the channels are licensed for broadcast over all fixed and wireless internet connections - including 3G/4G mobile networks. TVPlayer is available online at, or via mobile / tablet apps for all major platforms. It's also available on a number of smart/connected devices including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, and - as TVPlayer confirmed to us on Twitter today - a Roku app is also in development.

Announcing the official launch of the Viacom channels, Adam Smith, Founder of TVPlayer, said:
“Tweens and teenagers are spending increasingly more time every week watching their favourite programming, so it is paramount we routinely extend our subscription content offering to appeal to these younger, hungry audiences anytime, anywhere and on any device. With real-time visibility of viewing habits from the one million UK households that actively use TVPlayer, we’ve gained valuable insight to know that Viacom is the perfect content partner to join our platform.”

Arran Tindall, SVP, Content Distribution at Viacom added: 
“We are pleased to be working with TVPlayer to meet demand from our young audiences to access their favourite TV shows from our much loved brands whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose.”


  1. I got rid of my subscription as the app on Fire Stick was constantly buffering and half the channels weren't available using the fire stick. If they sorted these issues out then I might consider resubscribing as its a good idea and cheaper alternative to Sky.


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