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The Craft Channel is coming to Freeview

The Craft Channel is to debut on Freeview on the 1st September, after securing a broadcast slot on the platform.

It will be available on Freeview channel 88, starting from 8am on the 1st. Viewers will need to have a DVB-T2 compatible device - in other words, a receiver that supports either Freeview HD, Freeview Play, YouView (BT / TalkTalk / Plusnet TV) or EE TV. Coverage is limited to just over 70% of the UK*.

In September, the channel marks its first anniversary on-air. For a short time following its launch, the channel was carried via Showcase TV on Freeview channel 254, a streamed channel available on compatible connected Freeview devices. Otherwise, it's been carried on Sky 679 and Freesat 818. The Craft Channel says its also planning to launch on Virgin in the future.

It's one of a number of new services that have been launched to cater for the growing market in crafting and hobbies. Rival Hochanda is preparing to move to its own, dedicated Freeview slot on channel 85 from the beginning of November.

The Craft Channel, Freeview channel 88, is broadcast on multiplex COM8 with restricted coverage.

For viewers, this means that if you're able to see QVC's HD channels on 111 and 112, you'll be able to watch The Craft Channel on channel 88. You may need to retune your receiver, but most DVB-T2 compatible devices (Freeview HD, Freeview Play) will automatically add the channel. Viewers with TV services from BT, TalkTalk, Plusnet or EE TV will also see this channel if they are in the Freeview coverage area.

Viewers without DVB-T2 compatible equipment and who don't live in the coverage area (i.e. can't already receive QVC HD on channels 111 and 112) will not be able to watch the channel via Freeview.

Coverage is between 70 and 75% of the UK, with some discrepancies in the figures used, depending on whether you're using technical reach or a more realistic reach figure, accounting for the fact that not every aerial within the technical coverage area is able to receive the service.


  1. Just what Freeview needs. And still no shopping section in the EPG.

  2. I found the craft channel by chance and was really and am enjoying the demos etc.However as it isn't on freeview TV anymore I can't watch it on there but I could watch it on my PC,until today when I tried a few times on the Watchlive on my PC after a second the message read Error occured.Please have you any advice as to whats going on.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Sylvia Tilley


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