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Sky confirms no BBC Red Button for Ireland

Sky has confirmed that the BBC Red Button service will not be returning to users in the Republic of Ireland.

Access to the Red Button has been restricted this summer, with users in Ireland first noticing issues during Wimbledon. A technical change that took place on 2nd August has now fully disabled the service, stopping Sky users in the Republic from accessing additional Olympic content from the BBC.

Posting on the forum, a representative from Sky has confirmed that the arrangement is permanent and is due to licensing restrictions. Such restrictions are often linked with sports rights.

The normal Red Button service has been replaced by an expanded BBC Olympic service, but is due to return to a one-stream service after the Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony. Ultimately, the BBC wants to close the linear Red Button service down in favour of its online-based Red Button + service, only available to UK internet users.

In Ireland, the technical change to block access to the Red Button involves keeping the Red Button linear stream off the EPG and redirecting Sky boxes to a modified version of the main BBC channels operating under a different service ID, removing the Red Button prompts, but at the same time causing series link recordings to fail.

In the future, it might be possible to block certain programnes altogether from Sky Ireland, although there is no suggestion of this happening at the moment.

All Red Button/Olympic streams are available via manual tuning in Sky's "other channels" menu (Not SkyQ - follow these updated steps instead) or via free-to-air satellite services including Freesat.

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