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September launch for BBC Wales digital pop-up radio station

BBC Radio Cymru is to launch a digital 'pop-up' station in September, offering listeners a choice of programming from the BBC's Welsh language radio network.

Launching 19th September 2016, BBC Radio Cymru Mwy, a BBC Radio Cymru pilot, is part of a series of digital innovations from the national Welsh-language radio station as it approaches its 40th birthday. With the emphasis on more music and easy listening, the 15-week pop-up station will broadcast every weekday morning culminating on 2 January 2017, 40 years to the eve of BBC Radio Cymru’s first broadcast on 3 January 1977.

For the duration of the pop-up station, BBC Radio Cymru will offer a choice of listening with a lively breakfast show on BBC Radio Cymru Mwy. The daily news programme, Post Cyntaf followed by the Aled Hughes Programme will continue on BBC Radio Cymru. The pop-up’s schedule will continue until midday, with an option to experiment occasionally with lunch-time programmes.
BBC Radio Cymru Mwy will be available throughout Wales on BBC Radio Cymru’s website, the BBC iPlayer Radio app and on DAB radio in South East Wales. BBC Radio Cymru’s timetable will remain the same on FM and on DAB.

Betsan Powys, BBC Radio Cymru’s Editor says:
“The name BBC Radio Cymru Mwy says it all - more music, laughter and more choice for BBC Radio Cymru listeners.
“As we prepare to celebrate BBC Radio Cymru’s landmark 40th birthday in 2017, it’s imperative that we continue to develop and innovate. The pop-up station is an opportunity for us to take advantage of new technology, but more importantly it gives listeners greater choice and the chance to listen to BBC Radio Cymru on new platforms. All this while listeners can continue to listen to the output they enjoy on BBC Radio Cymru in exactly the same way as they do now.


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