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More Freeview channel changes

Two Freeview channels are being promoted up the channel list, filling gaps left by previous channel changes.

Dave Ja Vu is moving to channel 79 from channel 84.

Vintage TV is moving from channel 86 to channel 82. This channel is only available to viewers with DVB-T2 compatible receivers  (Freeview HD, Freeview Play, YouView, EE TV) and has limited coverage.

Viewers may need to retune to get the channels in the right places, following the change on Wednesday 3rd August.

It's the second retune this week on Freeview, following changes to a number of radio stations, including Classic FM and LBC, which transferred to a new frequency on Tuesday.


  1. Can you add whether there is a dso retune event in the schedule? If there is it forces a full retune, if there isn't then only clever TVs will notice the changes on their own. The big shuffle for the Olympics had a retune event in tbe schedule for example.

  2. Very un usual, but two typos in your 3rd August update on
    3rd August 2016
    3 changes
    Channel 79 - MOVED FROM 84 Dave Ja Vu (COM6 / ArqB)
    Channel 86 - MOVED FROM 86 Vintage TV (COM7)
    Channel 250 - RENAMED Revalation TV (COM4/SDN)

    Vintage moves to 82 and "Revelation"


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