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London Live to offer enhanced travel news through Waze partnership

Local TV channel London Live has announced a partnership with traffic app Waze to provide its viewers with the latest reports on traffic conditions and incidents in the capital.

It's part of a new service being launched this month by the channel, which promises to offer viewers the latest rush hour traffic and travel updates during the morning and evening rush hours.

Waze users also have the opportunity to join the London Live Waze Team Account, where they will be able to share live updates, photos and report directly from the scene straight to the London Live newsdesk sharing their experiences of road conditions, accidents, police incidents or hazards along their routes to alert other drivers and viewers.

Jim Grice, Head of News and Current Affairs of London Live said
“We are thrilled that we have partnered with Waze, using this service we will enable our viewers to directly share their traffic news with the London Live audience and contribute to what we hope will become the most comprehensive and dynamic traffic news resource for London. London is a dynamic cosmopolitan city which is home to over 8.5million people. It is hugely important that we provide the most update to date information to our viewers so that we can enable Londoners to plan or re-route their journeys if necessary particularly around major events around the capital.”

Carlos Gomez, Head of Waze European Growth said
“Waze has nearly 400,000 monthly active users in London, driving nearly 141.5 million kilometers and contributing nearly 835,000 alerts like potholes and accidents each month. As our first Waze for Broadcasters partner in the UK, London Live has unprecedented free access to Waze data to quickly and effectively analyse traffic in their area. We’re excited to see how London Live harnesses the power of these insights to alert drivers of real-time traffic issues, road closures and emergency incidents that can impact daily commutes.”

After a much-publicised difficult start for the local TV service in 2014, London Live currently reaches around a quarter of Londoners every month. It broadcasts on Freeview and YouView channel 8, Sky channel 117 and Virgin TV channel 159.


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