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Clwyd local TV station plans to launch despite woes at Liverpool sister channel

Bay TV Clwyd's expected Freeview coverage area

Transmitter issues that have held up the launch of a new local TV channel for North East Wales have been resolved, with plans to launch the service by October.

Bay TV Clwyd was awarded the licence to run a local TV service on Freeview from the area's main transmitter site at Moel-Y-Parc, but a series of technical issues have delayed the start of the station.

Local newspaper, The Daily Post, reports that the station, broadcasting to households in and around Mold is still planning to launch despite its close links to Bay TV Liverpool, which has gone into administration after amassing nearly half a million pounds in debts.

Chris Johnson, who is a registered director at both Bay TV Liverpool and Bay TV Clwyd, has emphasized that the two stations are operated by different companies. Bay TV Swansea, the recently launched service transmitting across the Swansea Bay area on Freeview channel 8 continues to broadcast unaffected by the issues affecting the Liverpool service. It too operates as a separate company.

During the bidding process for the Mold local TV licence, Bay TV Clwyd promised to Ofcom to be on air within 12 months of winning the licence, with staff serving the station based at Bay TV Liverpool and non-local content for the station coming from Bay TV Liverpool among other suppliers.

Ofcom has given Bay TV Clwyd an October deadline to launch a service in an extension to the previously published deadline issued to the channel when it was announced as the winner of the local TV licence for the area.

Bay TV Clwyd was originally due to launch on Freeview channel 26, but has now been allocated channel 8 following a reshuffle of Freeview channel allocations earlier this year. It told Ofcom it wanted to extend its initial coverage from Moel-Y-Parc through a relay at Wrexham-Rhos transmitter, although a coverage extension has not been approved thus far.


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