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Transition over: DAB radios must conform to new specs to get Digital Radio Tick Mark

Digital Radio manufacturers who want the Digital Radio Tick Mark on their products have to test their devices against a new specification following the end of a transition period this month.

The Digital Radio Tick Mark was introduced two years ago in the UK as a symbol to show consumers that DAB digital radios met certain basic criteria, including DAB+ compatibility, following in the footsteps of a similar tick logo applied to digital TVs in the UK.

In February 2016, the specification was updated for use in Europe. Manufacturers were then given a three-month transitional period where they could have their radios tested against either the old or the new specs. Now all newly accredited DAB digital radios must meet the new Europe-ready standards if they are to get the tick mark.

For UK consumers, the new specification - applied to all devices accredited from 12th July 2016 -guarantees that DAB digital radios will work when they're taken to other European countries where there is a DAB service, with radios tested across the full range of Band III DAB frequencies and checked to see if they can handle all European latin-based characters: so you might be told via the display that you're listing to "BeyoncĂ©" rather than "Beyonc□ ".

Alex Buchan, Principal RF Engineer at the DTG said:
"As it appears, the UK was ahead of the curve through early adoption of the tick mark specification, and as a result, have set the standard for Europe."

DTG Testing has become the world's first facility to be accredited for testing the expanded Digital Radio Tick Mark specification, with radio manufacturers able to use the test reports to apply for the tick mark without any additional paperwork.

Like in the UK, in other European countries, consumers will see the Digital Radio Tick Mark logo appear in retail outlets, in marketing and on packaging.

Richard Lindsay-Davies, CEO of the DTG added:
“Research by the BBC has found that since its introduction in 2014, the tick mark has developed consumer confidence in the UK. By appearing on product packaging, buyers know that their product is DAB+ compatible, digital, ready for switchover, and most importantly, future-ready. We expect to see this attitude expanded with the adoption of the criteria across Europe—potentially expanding the market for digital radio, and promoting uptake of the technology.”