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Swansea local TV service given licence to launch this month

Ofcom has issued its first local TV licence of 2016, with Swansea's new TV channel preparing to go into service.

The new local TV licence, which comes into force on the 12th July 2016, confirms Bay TV Swansea must launch then or face losing its right to broadcast on Freeview, where it will appear on channel 8 for viewers receiving their TV signal from Swansea's Kilvey Hill transmitter.

Bay TV Swansea is due to broadcast via a local Freeview multiplex on UHF 30 (546MHz), which will also make Freeview channels True Crime & children's channel Kix available in the area for the first time.

Proposed coverage area

What's on Bay TV Swansea?
According to the licence, the local TV service will broadcast during the week, but not at the weekends for the first year on air, with an emphasis on live news. Three hours of news is promised from the start, alongside arts, sport and history programmes. A one-hour sports programme will air on Friday, previewing the weekend's sport, followed by a one-hour sports programme on Monday reviewing the weekend's sport.

After 12 months, the channel's operators want to add debate shows alongside additional feature content. By the third year on air, the channel will be a 7 day a week operation.

Ed Townsend, who led the channel's bid to be awarded the Swansea local TV licence, died in May 2016. Ofcom announced that Bay TV Swansea had won the right to run local TV in the city back in January 2014, as part of the regulator's second phase of local TV licensing.