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S4C to stay on the iPlayer

Programmes from welsh-language broadcaster S4C will remain on the BBC iPlayer following an 18 month pilot that has been described as "successful".

S4C was introduced to the BBC iPlayer in December 2014 and, according to S4C, the scheme's popularity has led to an increase in online viewing sessions of S4C content, both live and on-demand.

Following the end of the pilot, the BBC Trust has confirmed it has approved a plan to keep S4C content on the iPlayer until 2022.

Announcing the move, BBC Trustee for Wales, Elan Cross Stephen said that the BBC Trust  had approved S4C becoming a more permanent fixture on iPlayer "in recognition of the great success of the initial pilot".

S4C Authority Chairman Huw Jones welcomed the announcement, saying:
"Including S4C as an independent channel on BBC iPlayer in December 2014 has brought huge benefits for viewers. We welcome the BBC Trust's approval to continue with the scheme, building on its success. This is an example of how S4C's partnership with the BBC can bring benefits to all viewers throughout the UK."


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