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Proposed news channel merger: "Needless act of self-harm", according to ex-BBC News boss

Former BBC News head Roger Mosey has called plans to merge the BBC's UK and international news channels "a needless act of self-harm".

He warned that UK viewers would miss out on important domestic news stories and reduce the quality "we've become used to."

In the RadioTimes, he noted that viewing figures for some of the recently introduced international slots on the BBC News Channel had reportedly fallen by 10% or more.

The 9pm news hour was replaced by Outside Source (Mon-Thurs) and World News Today (Fri-Sun). The BBC News Channel also simulcasts BBC World News from the earlier time of midnight, meaning viewers switch from a repeat of Newsnight to the Asia-centric Newsday at 00:00. Mr Mosey also criticised some of the filler programmes at the weekend, calling them "curious half-hour programmes that seem to be targeted at people in hotel rooms in Nairobi"

The BBC will provide details of how it intends to make further cost savings later this year. A merger of its UK and international channels is one of the options being considered.