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NOW TV launches new Combo service

UPDATED | Sky's streaming service NOW TV is to launch a new combo package, combining the existing TV service with broadband and landline calls without a contract.

The move to provide these services without a contract will be a major break from the norm, where internet service providers tie down customers for typically 12 or 18 months. The NOW TV website confirms the service will include "totally unlimited no contract broadband". The new service will be available from "early" July.

Customers will be able to choose between standard broadband (up to 17Mb - £8 a month), "Fab Fibre" (up to 38Mb - £18 a month) or "Super Fibre" (up to 76Mb or as fast as your line will handle - £26 a month). A set-up fee of £40 applies for standard broadband, while the fibre-based variants will incur a fee of £50. Customers will also be able to get a NOW TV branded router with the service.

Call packages
Available call packages include "pay as you use" (no inclusive calls), "evenings and weekends" (£4 a month) and "anytime calls" (£8 a month). Inclusive call packages include both UK landline and mobile calls.

Total monthly prices for the combo service will range between £9.99 and £58.99* per month, plus £17.99 monthly line rental. Prices will depend on which combination of broadband, calls and NOW TV channels viewers want.

Special launch deals will be available, so that viewers combining TV passes with broadband will pay less than the standard pricing of each element (example below). Interested customers can register their interest in the new service via the NOW TV website.

NOW TV Smart Box
The launch coincides with the introduction of the long-awaited new NOW TV Smart Box, which combines Freeview and Freeview HD channels with the various entertainment, sport, kids and film channels offered by NOW TV. The availability of Freeview channels will depend on terrestrial TV coverage and will require an aerial - they will not be streamed to the box like Sky's own channels.

The new Roku-powered box will also enable viewers to pause live TV. The NOW TV Smart Box will also be available as a standalone device for £39.99.

Existing NOW TV Boxes, without a Freeview tuner, will continue to be sold.

Gidon Katz, Managing Director of NOW TV said:
"NOW TV has got something for everyone – TV they love to watch, when they want and on their own terms. It’s why we’re not stopping there. With the NOW TV Combo, we’re pushing the boundaries again with the UK’s first contract-free triple play bundle. Plus, our customers will get the benefits of our new NOW TV Smart Box that brings together free-to-air and Pay TV shows seamlessly. We know people want the freedom and control of a no strings relationship when it comes to choosing their TV, broadband and call package, so the NOW TV Combo is the product and service they deserve."

Viewers who select the £6.99 Entertainment Monthly Pass and £8 standard broadband will pay £9.99 for the combined service, not £14.99. Add £17.99 line rental, a £40 one-off add charge and the cost of any inclusive call package.

Full pricing details will appear on when the service officially launches.

*An earlier version of this article give a maximum total without line rental of £51.99 a month, a figure provided by Sky. As full details of the pricing became available, it became clear that it's possible to have a combination that reaches £58.99 not including line rental, namely Sky Sports Month Pass + NOW TV Super Fibre + Anytime Calls. Sky calculated maximum figures omitting any inclusive call packages. These calculations assume you don't have more than one TV pass; the main Sky service might be cheaper if you do want multiple channel passes.


  1. Yet another new b'band & phone service the same as all the others. Really wanna see the option of b'band without a phone. Apart from that. I'd love to get the new Now box that seems great

    1. If you are in a Virgin Media cable area you can get broadband only without taking a phone. A bit pricey though


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