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Local TV channel off-air for days: no-one noticed?

Updated | One year after launching, the local TV channel for Manchester has been spotted being off-air for several days.

That's Manchester went on-air in a low-key launch in May 2015, following a delayed start after a change in ownership for the channel, which was originally due to launch as "YourTV Manchester".

In recent weeks, the channel has been reported being off-air for lengthy periods of time, although it appears to have largely gone unnoticed by viewers in the city, despite being currently allocated a high profile slot on Freeview channel 7.

According to posts on TV Forum, viewers selecting That's Manchester have been frequently finding an off-air caption instead of normal programmes. The channel was down on the 5th June and has been confirmed as being off-air again since at least Sunday evening until some point on Tuesday. Since first publishing this, our reception reporters have told a516digital they've seen the channel back in action, although it's not clear when it returned. The cause of the problems are unknown, and at the time of publication, there has been no statement from the channel.

In March, technical problems affecting That's Manchester and some of its sister channels in southern England were outlined in an Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin. Ofcom noted that there had been repeated sound, video, caption and EPG problems affecting the output of the channels. The broadcast regulator put the channels on notice that output could be monitored "to ensure that the technical quality of the services provided by the Licensees is of a sufficient standard."