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BBC Local Radio roll-out on Freeview to complete on 21st June

The BBC has confirmed it will complete the roll-out of BBC Local Radio across England and the Channel Islands on Freeview on the 21st June.

On this date, Freeview users in the North of England and in the Channel Islands will see new stations appear on their Freeview EPG, joining users in other parts of England, where the roll-out has already been completed.

The additions scheduled for the 21st June include BBC Radio stations serving Cumbria, Guernsey, Jersey, Lancashire, Merseyside, Teesside and York, bringing an end to a roll-out that was first piloted in London and the West Midlands in 2014.

The stations available on Freeview depend on which transmitter is being used to receive Freeview, but up to five stations will be available in all areas, representing the core editorial coverage area of each main transmitter and its relays.

BBC Local Radio is assigned channels 719-722 and 734-735 on Freeview. BBC Local Radio FM coverage area boundaries vary to the current TV region set-up, meaning that some stations straddle multiple TV regions. The channel numbering has been arranged so that where a local station appears across multiple TV regions, it retains the same number in all areas.

Some viewers may need to retune to gain access to the full set of BBC Local Radio stations on Freeview in their area. The stations are carried via all Freeview main transmitters and relays. Freeview users in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have all relevant BBC radio services in their channel line-up.

Full BBC Local Radio line-up on Freeview by region, including channel numbers