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BBC Local Radio roll-out continues on Freeview: going live across southern and western TV regions

The BBC will make its all of its local radio stations broadcasting within the Oxford, South, South West, West and West Midlands TV regions available on Freeview from 14th June 2016.

It's the second part of a complete roll-out of all BBC Local Radio stations on Freeview taking place this month. Last week, BBC Local Radio stations serving the East, East Midlands, London and South East regions were activated on Freeview, two years after the first pilots took place in the West Midlands and London regions, and just over a year since the widespread addition of one local station on the digital terrestrial TV service in England.

Contrary to official BBC information, some additional local radio stations have already appeared in parts of the West Midlands via The Wrekin, Bromsgrove and Lark Stoke transmitter group, as well as some of the East Midlands stations that overlap into parts of the West Midlands and Yorkshire TV regions.

Five local radio stations will be available in each TV region within England once the roll-out is completed. The stations are found on Freeview channels 719-722 and 734-735 and are assigned numbers in such a way so that local radio stations that span multiple TV regions can use the same number in each region.

BBC Local Radio on Freeview: channel allocation

As expected, the West Midlands TV region will be split into three zones with regards BBC Local Radio: Via the region's main transmitter -  Sutton Coldfield -  and its relays, BBC Radio WM and BBC Radio Derby are joined by BBC Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio Stoke and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

Via transmitters at The Wrekin, Bromsgrove and Lark Stoke, BBC Radio Shropshire joins BBC WM, Hereford and Worcester, Stoke and Coventry and Warwickshire. In the south of the region, the Ridge Hill transmitter and its relays will carry BBC Radio Shropshire and BBC Radio Gloucestershire as part of the five station line-up alongside BBC WM, Hereford and Worcester plus Coventry and Warwickshire.

Following the changes, due around midday on the 14th June, just the north of England remains to be fully covered - currently there is just one BBC Local Radio station live on the Freeview channel list representing each area, although in parts of Yorkshire, overlapping stations from the East Midlands have already been added as part of that region's earlier roll-out, with the remaining services to follow.

Freeview users in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have all BBC services on Freeview. There are no local radio stations currently available in the Channel Islands.