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Scotland AM radio interruptions expected to last until early June

AM Radio listeners in parts of Central Scotland are being affected by transmitter work lasting until early June, with daytime shutdowns affecting radio stations broadcast from the Westerglen transmitter near Falkirk.

Engineering work is due to continue until 5th June 2016, and the BBC has said that BBC Radio 4 198kHz LW, BBC Radio Scotland (810kHz) and BBC Radio 5 Live (909kHz) are subject to shutdowns between 10:05 and 17:45 on weekdays and morning shutdowns on two Saturdays and two Sundays, depending on the weather.

TalkSPORT (1089kHz) and Absolute Radio (1215kHz) also broadcast from Westerglen and are also subject to breaks in service.

The BBC is advising listeners to check the status of the Westerglen transmitter via the transmitter checker at (on the right hand side using a desktop PC/laptop).

All affected services continue to be available on other platforms during down times, including DAB digital radio, Freesat, Sky, Virgin Media and online.


  1. I won't lose sleep over the Westerglen engineering work!
    I live in an AM mush area in Ayrshire and rely on digital radio for good reception, relayed from Darvel and the Brown Carrick Hill transmitters.
    The probable cause of AM mush is domestic interference between signals from Westerglen(Stirlingshire)and Lisnagarvey in Northern Ireland!(There is no longwave transmission in NI).
    The powers that be can switch off Westerglen permanently, if they wish!