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Retune for Manchester DAB listeners

DAB listeners in the Greater Manchester area will need to retune their digital radios on Wednesday 25th May, as part of a reconfiguration of local DAB services that will help improve coverage.

Services including BBC Radio Manchester, Capital Manchester, Key 103, Key 2 and Key 3 will be among stations changing frequencies overnight from 10pm Tuesday 24th May and 6am Wednesday 25th May 2016.

Between these times, services are subject to interruption, including those on the BBC National DAB multiplex while essential transmitter work is taking place.

From breakfast time on Wednesday 25th May, services will be broadcasting on their new frequency, VHF Block 12C. At this point, listeners should retune to restore all services.

The frequency change allows the Manchester multiplex to cover a wider area without causing interference to other DAB services. As part of the change, additional transmitters at Littleborough and Saddleworth will go live, and the existing site at Winter Hill, near Bolton will have increased coverage following a power boost.

Listeners can find out more about retuning via the Get Digital Radio website at

Services on other platforms, including FM are not affected. Any national DAB services affected by the transmitter work will be return on their existing frequencies.


  1. I believe you mean Littleborough as one of the transmitter locations (Grid Reference SD 950 166) and not Littlejohn?
    Am finally pleased to hear of this frequency change as it's been a long time coming since the frequency changed were first announced for Liverpool and Manchester as with the power boost as well, it'll mean more stations available and better reception at my location.


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