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Nat Geo Wild added to Now TV as part of channel reshuffle

Documentary channel Nat Geo Wild has been added to Now TV's Entertainment Pass as part of a reshuffle of the services available to subscribers.

Nat Geo Wild will join the likes of Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Comedy Central, Discovery, Fox, ITV Encore and MTV in the £6.99 Entertainment Month Pass, with children's channels Disney, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr leaving the pack in June.

Children's content, except from the Disney Channel, will continue to be available via a separate Kids Pack.

The Entertainment Pass will continue to offer exclusive access to shows on Sky Atlantic, such as Game of Thrones and new show Billions. Other programme highlights include 11.22.63 on FOX and Harlan Coben’s The Five, on Sky 1, plus over 250 Box Sets ranging from Sex and The City, Revenge, Penny Dreadful and True Detective.

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  1. So they add 1 channel and remove 3 for the same price what a rip off

    1. There will be another channel added to now TV soon. In September I believe

  2. When my previous Entertainment Pass expired, I ordered a 3 months pass and got the new NOW TV box, but it doesn't have the AV output cable nor would that allow recordings to a DVD Recorder anyway. The first response to removing the Kids channels was a sense of dread. Imagine paying £3 a month extra for the Kids channels and yet without the Disney channel.

    The activation of the new pass took some time but when that was done, I sorted through each channel and added a few dozen favourite tv shows to the MY TV section so as to access these later.

    I tested the DC fancast episodes advertised on TV following the superhero shows. I liked the steady playback but the playbacks weren't full screen.

    As a separate Sky customer on the original £20 a month deal. I was also informed of Sky's increase price for that and the Sky Movies channel I also subscribe to. So the NOW TV price shuffle didn't amuse or entertain me and I wondered if I should pass and just subscribe to Sky's extra channels instead. I'd be able to record these to the Sky+ Planner as well as to my DVD Recorder.

    Those who live alone and pay alone to Sky and NOW TV can decide whether to cancel or continue. Both companies offer great content yet at a great price, not a good price but an expensive price. If we ever get a discount from some external discount website then maybe we're merely getting about the same price then as we're paying already.

    Maybe I'll continue and get a new NOW TV box sent at that time. That will include the HDMI cable so it's not a dead loss. Maybe NOW TV will reinstate the AV cable again and maybe not.

    When I activated the NOW TV box I came across the Sky Movies home trial and that may serve as a sweetener to those who decide to cancel and not subscribe later.

    But why would Sky and NOW TV increase their prices? Because they can. But think about it. The UK Government pushes through the extra minimum pay rate and while this won't affect everybody it will affect some. So why shouldn't businesses pass on the imposed extra costs to customers? Well, did those on benefits get the equivalent pay rises or what Sky and NOW TV want to charge extra?

    So whoever you are out there, shop around, maybe upgrade Sky channels or cancel and wait 12 months then jump on Sky's latest freebie TV or laptop or shopping voucher as you subscribe all over again. Make sure you get the full Sky dish and cable installation and new Sky+ HD set top box, then the costs won't seem so harsh.


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