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More transmitters go live with digital radio

During the last few months, DAB digital radio expansion has been continuing rapidly across various parts of the UK, with additional transmitters going live to boost coverage.

Two major coverage expansion schemes are ongoing: the BBC is coming to the end of its fourth phase of National DAB multiplex expansion, plus local DAB multiplexes are being boosted to give them equivalent coverage to each area's main commercial radio station. A few extra transmitters are being added to the national Digital 1 multiplex, but there are currently no plans to expand coverage of the newly launched Digital 2 multiplex from Sound Digital.

Details about the ongoing coverage expansion programme come from a variety of sources, including updates and press releases from broadcasters and digital radio operators as well as official Ofcom data.

Official data may take several weeks to be provided in the public domain, which means there's a constant lag between the current, actual situation and the situation reflected in the current transmitter site listings.

Since Easter, BBC National DAB is now live from fill-in sites at Blythburgh Water Town (near Southwold) and in Felixstowe. Local DAB (Stoke multiplex) became available from Mow Cop, boosting coverage north of Stoke.

Here are some of the other recent additions to the DAB network, mostly based on the latest Ofcom data:

Transmitter site (Grid Reference, Effective Radiated Power)

Digital 1
Ardovie Quarry  (NO590580 0.045kW)
Hyde Farm Maidenhead  (SU850840 0.025kW)

BBC National DAB
Ardovie Quarry (NO590580 1.0kW)
Harlow Rye Hill (TL449067 1kW)
Hyde Farm Maidenhead (SU850840 1.0kW)
Letchworth (TL236330, 0.6kW)
Little Crabwood Farm (TQ235385 1.2kW)
Llangollen Pontfadog (SJ249402 0.4kW)
Myndd Pencarreg (SN577430 1.0kW)

Berks & N Hants
Hyde Farm Maidenhead (SU850840 1.0kW)
Membury (SU307763 1.0kW)
Newbury (SU494687 1.0kW)

Sewards End (TL573395 1.0kW)

Braintree Grid (TL775217 0.5kW)

Creteway Down (TR229382 0.02kW)
Swingate (TR334429 0.34kW)

London 1, 2 and 3
Hyde Farm Maidenhead (SU850840 0.025kW)

Mendlesham (TM122641 2.0kW)
Norwich Central (TG237098 0.3kW)

South East Wales
Pontllanfraith (ST204933 0.6kW)

Swansea SW Wales
Mynydd Sylen (SN514080 1.2kW)

Bilsdale (SE553962 2.0kW)
Romaldkirk (NY974220 1.0kW)

Tyne & Wear
Shotleyfield (NZ065532 0.3kW)

Latest Ofcom data does not yet reflect the transmitters added to the Liverpool multiplex, which brought about a significant coverage boost and the imminent change to the Manchester multiplex (more here).


  1. A bit of nimbyism on my part for I am awaiting the "step 1" DAB relay to be energised at Girvan for Now Digital Ayr(shire) local radio. This in turn should bring signal continuity on the A70 through South Ayrshire to the banks of Loch Ryan in Galloway,along with reception improvement for listeners in the Girvan valley!
    Unless the rollout plan has since been revised, all "step 1" local radio extensions should be realised by end September (2016)!


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