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More digital radio choice coming to Manchester

Niocast Digital, operator of the trial multiplex in Manchester, has announced that three new digital radio stations are to launch in the next fortnight.

Thanks to the rapid adoption of the newer DAB+ broadcasting standard, and the extra capacity it creates for more services, Sunrise Radio, Cheesy FM and Crackers Radio will join the existing 10 services on the multiplex, broadcasting to listeners in central Manchester from Niocast's transmitter 87 metres up on the roof of Manchester One in Portland Street.

Sunrise Radio is one of the UK's leading Asian music stations and its Yorkshire station will be available from the 28th May on the Manchester multiplex. Cheesy FM, launching this weekend, is the home of cheesy pop: Pop, Dance, Boy-Bands, One-Hit Wonders, Camp Classics, Party Anthems, 70s, 80s, 90s & the big songs of today. Crackers Radio promises "feel good music for the soul".

Niocast Digital’s Director of Programming and Content, John Evington said:
‘It’s wonderful to be able to offer a digital broadcast platform to so many innovative and exciting new formats. These three stations are distinctive and unique in the marketplace, so we’re confident that they will not only fulfil a consumer need but also help accelerate the transition to digital-listening across the city’.

Niocast hosts a wide range of services on both DAB and DAB+ and it promisses to launch further stations over the summer.

Niocast’s Director of Operations, David Duffy says there is still strong demand from stations that want to be carried on the Manchester multiplex.
“We have a heathy waiting list! And now, thanks to the efficiencies of DAB+, we are able to help more stations come to air. This has got to be good news for broadcasters and listeners alike. In keeping with our original vision, we are embracing formats that extend the range of choice of listening in Manchester”. 


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