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Keep It Country makes Freeview debut

UPDATED | Country music channel Keep It Country has joined Freeview, marking a rapid expansion for the channel which first launched on Sky in January, followed by Freesat at the beginning of March.

Despite officially naming the 1st June as a launch date, the channel went live on Freeview on the afternoon of 31st May on channel 87.

Earlier this year, the channel the first dedicated country music TV channel for Europe since the closure of CMT Europe in 1998. The channel is one of a new range of media outlets for country music, tapping into the current increase in popularity of the music genre.

Keep It Country did appear for a brief time after its launch on Freeview channel 254 - the Showcase TV channel - for viewers with compatible connected Freeview devices, but this will be the first time it has had a regular broadcast slot on the UK's digital terrestrial television service.

It is broadcasting via COM7 -A Freeview HD compatible device is required despite being broadcast in standard definition. The channel will have reduced Freeview coverage - if you can already receive BBC Four in HD on channel 106, then you will also receive Keep It Country.

The addition of Keep It Country coincides with changes to the broadcast hours of the Community Channel on Freeview channel 63.

The Community Channel is advising viewers that after 4pm on Tuesday 31st May, a retune will be required to continue watching the channel. Following the changes, the channel will only be available between 4am and 12noon instead of the current full-time service. Viewers can watch the Community Channel 24/7 online via services including or via Sky, Freesat or Virgin Media.

By default, this also affects viewers with BT, TalkTalk or Plusnet TV via a YouView box.


  1. It may look like that the Community Channel is moving back to ARQ B from COM7, and to timeshare with Rocks & Co. Keep It Country TV may take over the former Community Channel slot on COM7.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How on earth do these minor channels afford space on Freeview nowadays. It seems to have got to the stage where spectrum must be available in Poundland.

  4. As we have a Roku Streaming Box we are able to watch Ditty TV from Nashville( It is a great country music channel.

  5. Changes confirmed and updated above. As Daniel Benjamin indicated - Keep It Country is on COM7 (which means limited UK coverage and an HD receiver required, although broadcasting in standard definition) Community Channel has moved to COM6/ArqB.

  6. Can somebody explain to me how much of the UK will be able to receive Keep it Country and what special equipment you need to be able to pick it up.
    Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question but I am living outside of the UK.

  7. Pretty annoyed keep it Country is broadcast in HD ...ok if you have the equipment but why should we have to go out and buy it when we have been rubbing along just fine on Showcase and the Irish TV channel .. I cant afford new equipment


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