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How to watch the 2015-16 Champions League final for free on UK TV

BT is opening up its standard definition version of BT Sport Europe on Saturday evening to allow Sky users to access live coverage of this season's Champions League final from the San Siro.

Build-up to the final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, which kicks off at 7:45pm, starts at 6pm with Champions League Tonight.

On Sky, BT Sport Europe is found on either channel 414 or 433, depending on subscription type. Only the standard definition version will be free to non-BT Sport subscribers. The signal will be free-to-view rather than free-to-air: the channel will remain encrypted for non-Sky satellite users.

As usual, free coverage is available on Freeview channel 59 via the BT Showcase channel.

Virgin Media viewers will once again be able to see free coverage on channel 548.  BT TV viewers (YouView) can see the match on either 409 (SD) or 431 (HD), depending on subscription type.

The match will not be available via Freesat, although users of the Freetime service can access live coverage via the YouTube app.

In addition to YouTube, a live stream of BT's coverage will also be available at

YouTube stream: from 7pm.

The final ends a controversial season of Champions League coverage on BT Sport, the first season where there has been no high-profile free-to-air live coverage of the league. Critics point out that free-to-air coverage on Freeview channel 59 has not been promoted widely, that matches that are being shown free-to-air have sometimes only been announced at short notice, and the free matches have - excluding the final - not been available on free-to-view on Sky.

The Europa League has had the same treatment, where it was not always certain if a fixture would be shown for free - sometimes there was an advance press release confirming fixtures, sometimes the first information would come via a late EPG update on Freeview channel 59, and although the majority of fixtures have been made available on Virgin Media for free, the clash between Sparta Prague and Villareal on the 14th April failed to appear on cable, with no advance warning. At the time, Virgin indicated it didn't have the rights to that individual match, adding to the sense of uncertainty over the free coverage provided by BT.

BT is pleased with its coverage, with subscriber numbers for its BT TV service continuing to rise.