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Hochanda relaunches on Freeview following technical changes

Arts and craft channel Hochanda is to return to its normal Freeview broadcasting hours after technical changes by ITV.

Hochanda sub-lets capacity on ITV's teleshopping channel The Store, but the service lost its previous slot on channel 39 at the end of March when ITV undertook a reorganisation of its channel portfolio, which saw the broadcaster move all of its standard definition channels to its own broadcast capacity. The bandwidth used for shopping was reallocated to CITV and ITV3+1, which timeshare a broadcast slot.

Changes to the configuration of broadcast capacity owned by ITV subsidary SDN that took place last week mean on Tuesday 3rd May, two weeks earlier than originally scheduled, Hochanda is being reactivated as part of The Store on channel 39, where it will be available 6am-9pm.

To mark the channel's return to Freeview, Hochanda has launched a Carnival of Crafts, which runs until 6th May at 8pm.

Technically speaking, the multiplex carrying Hochanda/The Store has been reconfigured to allow 16 standard definition channels to broadcast simultaneously: this is a new record for UK digital terrestrial television. Critics say cramming in so many channels in the same amount of bandwidth produces a soft picture effect that is tantamount to smearing Vaseline over a TV screen, as the amount of bandwidth allocated to other channels in the multiplex is reduced.