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Freesat channel reshuffle - June 2016

Freesat is having a reshuffle of some of its channels, filling the gaps left by the BBC's reorganisation of services following the closure of BBC Three.

The changes, which have already started, are due to complete during the week commencing 6th June 2016:

  • ITV HD* moves from 119 to 111 (01/06)
  • ITVBe+1 moves from 158 to 119 (01/06)
  • 7th June:
    • S4C HD launches on channel 104 in Wales, 120 elsewhere, replacing SD on HD boxes 
  • Pick+1 moves from 159 to 145
  • Challenge moves from 145 to 146
  • Challenge+1 moves from 146 to 147
  • Food Network moves from 149 to 148
  • Food Network+1 moves from 151 to 149
  • Travel Channel+1 moves from 152 to 151
  • True Crime+1 moves from 156 to 152
  • PBS America moves from 160 to 156
  • Your TV moves from 161 to 157
  • Drama moves from 162 to 158
  • Yesterday moves from 163 to 159
  • Really moves from 164 to 160

UPDATE: Showcase on Freesat - The broadcaster has now confirmed that its launch on Freesat will now be delayed until 20th June. It had previously announced it would be launching on channel 161 on the 9th June. It's blaming "technical difficulties" for the delay.

*Or services from STV or UTV in their respective broadcast areas.

Viewers with some older types of Freesat box may not see the changes until the early hours of the following morning.


  1. So still no regional itv hd on 103 then. Wales for us

    1. It would be good if ITV did that in the regionsame that have a HD version.

  2. It's nice to see channels getting pushed up the EPG to better slots, now all we need is BBC ITV and Channel 4 to sort HD regionalisation out and we will have 101-105 fully in HD instead of the halfway house of 101/102 and 105 in HD only.

  3. Added S4C HD to the above list of changes, although there's no actual channel number change - if you have HD you'll just get HD instead of SD at the same slot.

    We've not had any confirmation about any ITV SD/HD swaps, but if we hear anything, this page will be updated accordingly.

    1. So when I see S4C HD where will SD version be? It would be good if the boxes could just show HD versions and hide the SD ones. Saves me going thru the list for manual delete!

  4. One of the Challenge's needs a +1 on the end mate. You have the channel listed twice but im sure one is meant to be Challenge+1

  5. The change has already occurred for ITV HD and ITVBe+1

  6. Cant seem to get hd 111 on freesat box it stays on 103 anyone else got this problem


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