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Channel 5 HD to launch on Freeview and Freesat

Channel 5 HD will launch on Freeview and Freesat channel 105 on Wednesday 4th May, joining the free-to-air platforms a day after encryption was lifted on satellite.

The channel has been testing off the EPG since last week, and will be available to all viewers with compatible Freeview HD equipment, including YouView boxes for BT TV, Plusnet TV and TalkTalk TV users. The move comes nearly six years after the HD service first appeared on pay TV platforms.

At the same time, the channel will also be added to the Freesat EPG, where the service will be found on channel 105 on HD receivers.

At around 10:20am this morning, encryption on satellite was lifted, meaning that ahead of the Freesat launch, Channel 5 HD can be added to any satellite receiver in the UK and Ireland receiving a signal from the Astra 2 cluster of satellites. Manual tuning details are available here.

Provided your TV or box has removed BBC Three HD from channel 105, it should automatically add Channel 5 HD. Go to BBC One HD, wait 10-15 seconds and see if C5 HD has been added. If not, you'll need to retune. You will also need to retune if your TV didn't automatically remove BBC Three HD (e.g. some Samsungs), as it's possible your TV will add C5 HD to the end of the channel list...

Timeline: seven years of waiting: Channel 5 HD on Freeview


  1. Was 105 held for C5 on Freesat or has it been vacated by BBC3?

    1. Hello.
      Freesat channel 105 is currently used for Channel 5 in standard definition. On Freesat HD, this will change to C5 HD. BBC Three was originally on 106.

  2. This has been long overdue Channel 5HD coming to Freeview HD.

  3. I just discovered this tonight when I looked at my EPG and I'm SO happy I have tears in my eyes. Been wanting Channel 5 HD on Freeview for YEARS. I love Neighbours I don't care how sad that might be. They also show plenty of Disney films on Sundays, along with some other great trashy shows that you know you love but are just trying to look all hipster by denying that you love. I had a feeling Viacom would come through for us on this one.
    So so so so happy.

  4. This is long overdue. Other broadcasters need to be offering HD too.
    All itv 1,2,3 and 4, all channel 4 Inc e4 film4 etc and all the 5 series

  5. Good news indeed. It should have happened years ago. At last, all the main channels now in HD. Greedy Sky etc had the monopoly far too long. That was an outrage. Offcom should have enforced this long since.

  6. All we need now is one decent programme worth watching on Channel Five!


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