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Box Plus Network announces music channel changes

The BoxPlus Network has announced it's launching two new linear music TV channels and one new social-first network. Two existing services will be closed.

In the changes that will take place on the 25th May, new channel Box Upfront will be a platform for new and emerging artist talent alongside fresh tunes from our favourite music stars whilst second new service Box Hits will celebrate the most popular hits of the last few years.

As a result of the new Box Upfront channel launching, main channel The Box will switch to cover a broad chart mix alongside bespoke music productions and features.

The brand new online channel BeBox will serve a mix of mainstream music and pop culture content across multiple digital platforms, led by social media and specifically designed for The Box Plus Network’s core target audience of mainstream 16 – 24 year olds.

Box Upfront and Box Hits will replace the Smash Hits and Heat TV music channels, which are currently distributed online, on satellite and on Virgin Media.

Flagship programmes for the new look Box Plus network include the ‘UK HOTLIST Top 20 & 40’ (The Box), ‘UK Music Video Chart’ (Box Upfront) and ‘Official UK Airplay: Top 20’ (Box Hits).

International channel Box Africa will also undergo a refresh at the same time. Existing services Kiss, Magic and Kerrang! and Freeview music and entertainment channel 4Music remain unchanged.

Matt Rennie, Managing Director at The Box Plus Network commented:
“We’ve been spending a lot of time speaking to our audience and the introduction of our new linear channels; Box Upfront and Box Hits, as well as our new digital channel BeBox, are a direct result of this feedback. The way our audience consume media may be changing, but what remains constant is their love for music and pop-culture. We love it too and our new channel line-up is designed to deliver this passion for great content across all of their favourite platforms. We’re super excited to be able to finally unveil our plans.”

The Box Plus Network is a joint venture between Bauer Media and Channel 4.

UPDATE: Sky channel numbers
As a result of the changes on the 25th May, the following changes will be made to Sky on the 24th...
  • Box Upfront will launch on 359
  • The Box from 359 to 360
  • Box Hits launches on 361
  • 4Music moves from 360 to 362
  • Kiss moves from 361 to 363
  • Magic moves from 363 to 364


  1. I like the box. It was the 1st music request channel back in the days on analogue cable. Remember ntl? The only other music channel was MTV

  2. Aww, and heat was my fave channel of the network too.
    I wish they'd keep it. Oh well, I guess I'll have to watch MTV Classic now.

    1. MTV Classic is due to go through one of those temporary format flips: it's going to turn into MTV 90s at the end of this week.

  3. Sounds like they're playing Musical Chairs to me...


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