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BBC White Paper: do not trust all the fancy stats...

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport finally published its White Paper on the BBC Charter Review.

Within the first few pages there were a couple of dubious graphics:

In this example, DCMS were caught out comparing apples with pears.

Not only had Germany's SWR been moved to Switzerland, but they were comparing a regional public service broadcaster with national broadcasters - SWR broadcasts to two of Germany's 16 states. Germany's WDR was also included, which only covers the state of North Rhine Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen). The two mentioned here form part of a consortium of public service broadcasters called ARD, which would have provided a more interesting comparison.  Also it compares services such as France Télévisions, which doesn't run any radio stations with the BBC, which receives funding to do both. Radio France, incidentally is responsible for public service radio - adding the two together would provide a better comparison to the BBC.

A few pages later, and we spot a new national online service from the BBC: BBC Knowledge. BBC Knowledge is of course, the commercial, subscription funded international factual service from the BBC. We suspect the DCMS has got BBC Knowledge confused with iWonder...