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TVX off-air on Freeview due to "technical problem"

Adult channel TVX is currently off the air on Freeview, due to what the channel is calling a technical problem.

The official line from customer service staff at the channel, which normally operates every night on channel 171 as a PIN protected pay channel, is that they are "currently experiencing technical problems but will be back shortly."

No precise return date has been provided, nor any specific details about the problems.

Technical analysis
Analysing the way different services are allocated different amounts of bandwith on the digital terrestrial TV platform, TVX is one of a group of channels broadcast as part of the SDN Freeview multiplex, one of several that make up the full set of Freeview channels. A technical analysis of how bandwidth is allocated on SDN shows that since the early hours of the 1st April, all available bandwidth on the multiplex is allocated without TVX being on-air, following the addition of another adult channel yesterday. In a nutshell, bandwidth will need to be created from somewhere to allow TVX to return to air on channel 171.


  1. Oh well damn! I even cracked my knuckles for tonight and everything.....