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Satellite Update: Football abroad; Al Jazeera move; Sky UHD

The German Bundesliga has confirmed it will facilitate 'portability' in the next round of TV rights, allowing viewers to legally access live matches from their pay TV provider when they are abroad on holiday.

It's a result of new EU rules that say that viewers should be able to take their pay TV subscriptions, including satellite TV and on-demand services. with them when they travel elsewhere in Europe. Currently copyright owners such as movie studios and football authorities forbid pay TV companies from making content officially available outside of a particular country, although many consumers already circumvent these rules.

The changes for the Bundesliga initially affect German pay TV rights from 2017 and will benefit viewers who subscribe to whoever wins the rights.

How the rule changes may affect UK viewers in the future, and whether, for example, the Premier League will be available legally via the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sport for holidaymakers in Spain depends on the outcome of this year's referendum, as the rules do not apply to non-EU countries. When the European Parliament voted on the matter of the digital single market, of which portability is a part, 17 UKIP MEPs voted against it. The UK Government supports the legislation; it would also allow holidaymakers to take the BBC iPlayer abroad with them legally.

Al Jazeera English has changed frequencies.
The news channel is now available on the Astra 2 satellite cluster on the frequency listed below. Most Sky and Freesat boxes should have dealt with the move automatically. Viewers with Freesat boxes that haven't made the change may need to rescan.

Frequency:    11.082 
Polarisation: H, 
Symbol Rate:  22.000, 
FEC:          5/6, 
Mode:         DVB-S, QPSK.

Sky UHD test service
A test service for Sky's forthcoming UHD service has been configured. Sky UHD will, when launched, only be available on Sky Q boxes.

Frequency:    10.743 
Polarisation: H, 
Symbol Rate:  23.000, 
FEC:          2/3, 
Mode:         DVB-S2, QPSK.