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S4C is back in HD: new tests start

Welsh language broadcaster S4C is now testing an HD version of its channel on satellite, nearly three and a half years after the original Freeview-only service closed down following funding cuts.

The service, originally named "Clirlun" after a competition to create a Welsh term for High Definition TV, was mothballed at the beginning of December 2012. Now S4C, alongside other public broadcasters around the world is looking at HD TV becoming the default way of accessing linear content in the coming years.

S4C previously indicated it would be working towards a 2016 relaunch for its HD channel subject to "efficiency savings" being delivered elsewhere at S4C. The broadcaster hasn't yet issued an official statement on the latest developments.

You can find the tests on the Astra 2 satellite cluster, using the following parameters:

Astra 2 (28.2-5)
Frequency:    11306 
Polarisation: H
Symbol Rate:  27500
FEC           5/6
Service ID:   52296  (labelled '55296')
Mode:         DVB-S QPSK

This is a test transmission. Test transmissions are subject to interruptions, cessation, encryption or background technical changes without notice and are not intended for domestic viewing or recording.


  1. Is it qspk? I can't find it and I have a dish set up slap bang at Astra 2

  2. Yes it's QPSK (added to parameters above). It is broadcasting, but perhaps the encryption flag might be causing your receiver to ignore it. It's the same transponder that currently carries "Bike".

    1. Thanks. I have a Sky card and box so I should be ok now

  3. Finally nice to get channel s4c back in hd since it was only available on freeview Wales so it nice to get s4c channel hd back and would definitely be better on sky and freesat and Virgin media uk and for freeview but this probably means for freeview hd Wales only.


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