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Liverpool DAB radio changes to benefit 360,000 listeners

Digital radio listeners in Liverpool were urged to retune their digital radios this morning at a special retune event at Liverpool Town Hall to ensure they continue to receive their favourite local radio stations.

The retune follows overnight engineering work, which has seen local DAB stations move to a new frequency, to enable more listeners to tune in without causing interference to other stations.

Between now and the end of May, an additional 360,000 listeners will be able to listen to Liverpool's local DAB stations. This morning, a new transmitter at the Moel-Y-Parc mast in North East Wales went live boosting reception for 160,000 listeners. A further 200,000 listeners will be added to the coverage area in May when Liverpool DAB is added to Lancashire's Winter Hill transmitter site.

The two new Liverpool transmitters will expand DAB coverage from 82% to 98% of households in the area. The transmitters, which have been built by communications infrastructure company Arqiva, are part of an industry and Government programme of work that aims to expand the coverage and listening to DAB digital radio. Government, BBC and commercial radio have agreed plans to build a further 182 local DAB transmitters to extend local DAB coverage to more than 90% of the population which will bring eight million listeners across the UK into coverage and will add over 4,160 miles of roads.

The Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Councillor Tony Concepcion (pictured above, centre), pressed the big green retune switch at 8.45am alongside representatives from the radio industry to symbolically mark the moment for listeners to retune their DAB digital radios and start the process of turning on the new digital transmitters, urging all digital listeners in Liverpool to retune to ensure that they could continue to listen to all local stations on DAB including - BBC Radio Merseyside, Smooth North West, Capital Liverpool, Heart North West, Radio City, Radio City 2, Radio City 3, Radio City Talk and Absolute 90s.

He said: 
“The Liverpool community is served by a great variety of local stations. I am delighted that now even more listeners in Liverpool will be able to hear these important and well-loved stations on digital radio and encourage everyone to retune their radios this morning.”

Listener action required
As a result of the digital boost, all listeners to DAB digital radio in Liverpool need to retune their DAB radios today to be able to continue to receive their favourite local DAB stations. Retuning will enable those listeners in the new expansion areas to receive local radio stations on DAB for the first time. Retuning a DAB digital radio is a simple process. Listeners simply press the auto tune or auto scan button on their DAB digital radio or go into the radio’s menu and press auto tune. More information can be found at: www.getdigitalradio.com/retune

Some older DAB radios, especially those that are a decade old, will need to have a "full scan" or "rest of world scan", as Liverpool's stations have moved to a frequency originally not used in the UK.

The addition of the new digital transmitters for the Liverpool area means that hundreds of thousands more listeners will be able to receive all the local stations on DAB including BBC Radio Merseyside’s coverage of the Premier League Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton from Anfield on Wednesday 20 April.


  1. Unfortunately there are some older radios that won't be able to pick up these stations at all, and there is no rescan or manual tuning facility available on them as this frequency didn't form part of the UK planning when they were manufactured less than 10 years ago (Goodmans GSR80 for instance). The radios weren't cheap either when they were bought and owners are having exactly the same problem receiving Sound Digital.

  2. i cannot get many of my channels now even after re tuning whats going on


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