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Freeview radio services in Scotland taken off air by Curling

Extended broadcast hours on BBC Alba over the weekend means less BBC Radio choice for listeners using Freeview in Scotland.

BBC Alba, the BBC's Gaelic language channel has extended its broadcast hours to start at 9am for live coverage of a Ladies International Curling championship being held in Perth.

Limited bandwidth available to the BBC means that in order to fit BBC Alba on Freeview, certain BBC Radio stations are taken off air when Alba is live.

BBC Radio 1, 2 and 3 plus BBC Radio nan Gaidheal and the BBC World Service are affected by the squeeze and normally disappear off air on Freeview in Scotland during the late afternoon, running again in the night, once BBC Alba has finished broadcasting.

With BBC Alba's hours temporarily extended, these BBC Radio stations are off-air for most of the weekend, disappearing from 9am each morning. Normal service is scheduled to resume from Monday 4th April 2016.

In the meantime, affected listeners need to switch to another radio platform to continue listening, such as FM, DAB, Online, Sky, Freesat or Virgin Media. Only a small minority of listeners are expected to be affected - radio listening figures have suggested that less than 5% of radio listening is done via digital TV platforms.


  1. Would be better really to move the radio services permanently to the BBC HD mux in Scotland rather than closing them everytime BBC Alba airs.

    1. And then que the moaning from the many that don't have DVB-T2 boxes & STB's
      Better yet, take radio off DTT entirely. The limited bandwidth available surely should be used for TV and not radio!! Thats what DAB is for....

  2. I'm afraid that I must agree with Ian. Given the limited bandwidth available, it would be better if any of the bandwidth to do with freeview with reserved the TV only. If you want radio get a dab or IP radio

    1. I do agree as well - would be interesting to see the usage as surely it must be falling as DAB becomes the norm.


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