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Freeview: London Live stays as other local channels shuffle up

Every local TV station except London Live has changed channel numbers on Freeview during Tuesday.

Local TV stations across England except London are now on channel 7. NVTV, Northern Ireland's only local TV channel is also now on channel 7. Local TV stations in Wales and Scotland have moved from channel 23 to channel 8.

It's the culmination of a process which saw the vast majority of local TV operators agree to unite all local channels across the UK on channel 8 at the beginning of year. All but one of the channels that originally said they wanted to stay on channel 8 conducted a U-turn. This leaves channel 8 unavailable for reallocation in England. The shuffle fills the slot vacated by BBC Three.

Other changes have also taken place for viewers in Scotland and Wales: In Scotland, BBC Alba has now moved from Freeview channel 8 to channel 7 and in Wales, Channel 4 has also moved from 8 to 7. Channel 23 will be used nationally by Create & Craft from later this month.

Despite London Live sticking to its original position, the channel is no less prominent in the Freeview channel list than those local stations that moved to channel 7. With BBC Three gone from channel 7*, but channel 7 unable to be reallocated due to other stations already using that number elsewhere in the UK, London Live has moved from being the eighth listed channel to becoming seventh on the Freeview EPG - sitting between ITV2 and BBC Four -without doing anything.

  • Some Freeview and all YouView devices will automatically adjust to the new channel numbers.
  • Other Freeview receivers may need retuning before the changes take effect; if you don't retune on these devices, the channels remain in their old position.
  • This is the third week of retunes on the Freeview platform for viewers wanting to keep their channel list up-to-date. Check the Freeview Updates page for more...

*Viewers who haven't retuned Freeview recently may still see a slate on channel 7 advertising BBC Three's move online. This should disappear after retuning. 

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