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CNN HD starts tests for UK and Irish sat viewers

Satellite Update Extra | Tests for the HD version of global news channel CNN have started on Astra 2G, one of the satellites serving households in the UK and Ireland.

Despite going live on some other digital TV platforms in Europe, CNN International HD has thus far not been available in the UK and Ireland. Further details about the tests and any official launch are unknown at this stage.

It's been around three years since the first CNN International HD broadcasts appeared in other parts of the world. Initially, only programmes from the US version were shown in HD, before a big switchover in June 2013, which saw the channel also switch to widescreen format, even on the standard definition versions of the channel.

Tuning parameters:
Astra 2G (28E, available on Sky/Freesat receivers). 
Frequency:   11112 H
Symbol Rate: 22000 
FEC          5/6
Service ID   50290
Standard:    DVB-S, QPSK

This is a test transmission. Test transmissions are subject to interruptions, cessation, encryption or background technical changes without notice and are not intended for domestic viewing or recording.


  1. About time from Time Warner with this!
    Been live in Europe as you say for well over a year now, i think alot more!

  2. It looked great while it lasted but unfortunately this test appears to have gone encrypted as of this evening :( (7th)

    1. Not showing as encrypted for me but just not there at all

    2. With DVB software like DVB Dream it is showing as encrypted now, shame, not showing either though on a sky box :(

  3. Why can't CNN HD come to Freeview HD? We have that BBC News HD Crap.

    1. When i see idiotic comments like this, i truly have to bite my tongue and not reply how it frankly deserves to be replied to! (Because of the respect for a516 and his site)