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Viceland on its way to Sky and Now TV

Vice Media has struck a deal with Sky to launch a new channel in the UK via Sky's satellite platform and online streaming services Now TV and Sky Go.

The service, called Viceland, is due to launch in September. The UK channel is part of a phased roll-out across various European countries following the recent launch of Viceland in the USA. The channel will also be available in Ireland via Sky.

Ahead of the launch of the 24/7 TV channel, which is aimed at the same millennial age group that the former BBC Three TV channel used to target, Sky Q users will gain access to on-demand content from Vice - expected to start within weeks.

Once the channel launches, viewers will be able to access selected content on-demand 24 hours before it's shown on the Viceland channel, with subsequent episodes available immediately after the premiere episode has aired on Sky and Now TV.

The deal with Sky is said to be non-exclusive; talks with other platform operators is said to be ongoing.

Oscar-winning film director, Spike Jonze, serves as Co-President of Viceland and is overseeing the development of the new channel, from show creation, to production, to brand identity. Viceland will focus on a distinct, immersive style of original lifestyle and culture content for young viewers and will feature a slate of brand new Vice-produced UK programming, including a cast of talent both familiar and new to British and Irish audiences, ensuring the channel has a strong local feel and voice.

Shane Smith, Vice co-founder and CEO said:
"This is the biggest move yet in our long love affair with our British and Irish audience. Viceland is going to give them a whole new way to experience Vice content—on their own televisions, around the clock. And partnering with Sky gives us their deep expertise in the market, and the ability to reach over 10 million households across the UK and Ireland."

Stephen van Rooyen, Chief Marketing, Sales & Digital Officer, Sky commented: 
“We are really excited about what Shane and the Vice team have planned for Viceland. Vice has become synonymous with fresh and original content which has huge appeal for younger audiences. At Sky we are committed to bringing exciting new shows from all around the world to ensure Sky and Now TV households have a real breadth of content to enjoy whenever and wherever they choose.”


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