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True Crime launches; replaces movie channels

New crime channel True Crime has gone live on Freeview, Sky and Freesat, triggering a number of changes to the availability of some of its sister channels.

The new Sony-owned TV channel was announced earlier this month, but details of how it would fit on various digital TV platforms were omitted. Here's an overview of what's changed:

True Crime and True Crime+1 has replaced More>Movies and More>Movies+1 on both services.

You can find True Crime and its +1 on Sky channels 185 and 186 and Freesat channels 143 and 156.

More>Movies is now no longer broadcast on satellite. The channel was a simulcast of the Freeview channel MovieMix. To watch programmes and films previously shown on More>Movies on satellite, viewers will currently need to switch to MovieMix on Freeview (and YouView) channel 32.

For Sky subscribers, a number of films shown on MovieMix are shown at different times of the day/week on Sony Movie Channel, so it's worth checking TV listings to see if you can watch the film at another time on Sony Movie Channel.

True Crime is on channel 60 in local TV coverage areas only. You may need to retune your device. True Movies 1 has been removed from Freeview in most places.

The new service has taken over the feed of True Movies 1 on Freeview and YouView. However - and this wasn't clear in the publicity surrounding the launch of the channel - the channel can only be received in local TV coverage areas. So if you don't have a local TV channel in your area (such a channel would be on channel 8 in England and NI, channel 23 in Scotland and Wales), you won't get True Crime.

Some older receivers have displayed True Crime on True Movies old slot. You should see the channel on 60 after retuning. True Movies continues on Freeview and YouView for viewers in Greater Manchester only.

MovieMix on channel 32 has been observed sporting a big on-screen message advising viewers to retune to watch True Crime: however if you're not in a local TV coverage area, i.e channels 8 and 23 are blank in your area, don't bother.

Timeshift channel True Crime+1 isn't available on Freeview and YouView.

True Crime is not carried on Virgin Media.

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  1. Could this be a pre-cursor to Sony Movies going FTA on Freesat and becoming FTA on Sky? Seems like the obvious move particularly since both platforms have lost a FTA movie channel.

  2. More movies was a popular channel on satellite and replacing it with yet another drab reality channel that will most likely be a ratings loser is just plain stupid.

    1. I am totally with you on this - very disappointed, and shocked, this movie channel has gone off air together with the +1. I shall miss this channel - :(

  3. I have to LMHO when top left of True Entertainment's screen it's reminding us to retune to get channel 60.It gets better the idiots have made it a local mutiplex.So at the minute Made in Teesside isn't on-the-air yet.

  4. I miss true movies 1. Totally agree @john turnip another drab reality channel.

  5. cant get true movies or true crime done a full rescan can get true entertainment

    1. See above--
      "if you don't have a local TV channel in your area (such a channel would be on channel 8 in England and NI, channel 23 in Scotland and Wales), you won't get True Crime."

  6. Is it just temporary not being able to get channel 23 in Scotland for true crime or will I never get it?

    1. Initially it's only households in parts of the Glasgow and Edinburgh area that can get True Crime on Freeview. Ayr, Aberdeen and Dundee are due to get coverage next year.