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Sky preparing to announce price rises from June

The annual cycle of price rises among the big pay TV and internet service providers is about to get underway once more.

Sky has confirmed that it will be increasing the price of its pay TV packages from the 1st June 2016.

Full details of how this will affect subscribers remains to be seen, but details will be announced shortly, which may also include changes to some of the various pay TV bundles it offers to customers.

Last year, Sky's price rise was quickly followed by increases in line rental, TV and broadband charges at BT, a move which saw "free" access to all BT Sport channels being reduced to just BT Sport 1. BT sibling Plusnet followed with its own price changes, as did TalkTalk, before Sky then increased some of its telephone charges at the end of the year. Virgin Media then followed, with prices rises that came into force on the 1st February of this year, concluding the price rise cycle of all major providers.

So most households may well be better holding off from leaving until it becomes clearer how costs will change, and whether or not Sky will be offering any price rise cancelling retention deals over the summer: wherever you go, ultimately there will be price rises, it seems.

In its terms and conditions, Sky says it can increase costs by up to 10% during a customer's contract period.


  1. As always it'll be the people not taking certain services subsidising those that do take them - i.e. Sky customers not subscribing to Sky Sports paying Wayne Rooneys wages.

    I'd imagine it's also certain this time around BT Sport 1 becomes part of the sport pack, so requiring a subscription.

  2. Will stick to BT for all my services, cheaper and a top service!

  3. I'd just like to see the justification for the price increases.

    After all, the cost of internet access via BT Openreach to telecoms providers REDUCE every year. Technology improvements result in price/performance REDUCING every year. So where does the annual INCREASE in charges actually go?

    It just seems to me that telecoms providers have got used to hitting customers every year with these price increases and think they can just keep getting away with it!

  4. Rise after rise after rise and with NO real addition to services for customers!!!
    Its pathetic they can ask for more and more and yet offer the square route of **** all in return for that!
    And now everyone is paying not only the HUGE amount Sky paid for the PL rights but now for SkyQ and the cost to that development and launch aswell while the rest of us get nothing for that!

  5. More Price rises = more money for Murdoch while the BBC is having to make more cuts, I wonder how much of this money will go towards the Tories in 2020?.


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