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Satellite Update: Talking Pictures transponder move, Nollywood to go free

Since its launch last year, vintage film channel Talking Pictures has carved a niche among the hundreds of channels available in the UK. In order for some satellite viewers to continue watching the channel, a retune may be required following a transponder change which took place on Wednesday.

Most Sky and Freesat boxes will have reset themselves to the new transponder / frequency; no channel numbers have changed. A small minority of receivers will need to be rebooted in order to restore the channel.

Viewers using generic free-to-air satellite receivers, such as those in common use in the Republic of Ireland will need to rescan for the channel using the following new parameters:

Frequency:          11538
Polarisation:       Vertical
Symbol Rate:        22000 (22.0)
FEC:                5/6
Broadcast standard: DVB-S, QPSK

Nollywood free-to-air
Fans of Nollywood movies - films originating from Nigeria - will be pleased by a move from the Nollywood Channel on Sky. The service is due to go free-to-air on Friday 1st April, according to Sky, in a move that hopefully isn't an early April Fool. The free-to-air move will mean that in addition to being available on Sky channel 329, the service should be available to Freesat users in "non-Freesat mode" from this date. The channel currently broadcasts on satellite using the following parameters:

Frequency:          11464
Polarisation:       Horizontal
Symbol Rate:        22000 (22.0)
FEC:                5/6
Broadcast standard: DVB-S, QPSK

Other developments

  • ITV will launch HD version of ITV Yorkshire (West), ITV Tyne Tees and ITV Anglia (East) on 31st March on Sky and Freesat. More details here...
  • Some local TV channels on satellite changed frequency last week. This is relevant to Sky users watching local TV services outside of their broadcast area. The latest frequencies are available on this page. At present, all local TV channels are encrypted, and not available on Freesat.
  • YourTV, the new free-to-air channel from Fox is moving to Sky channel 199 on 1st April, following the closure of OHTV, which currently occupies this slot. YourTV is effectively the UK and Irish version of the Fox Life channel, mostly airing a mix of reality lifestyle shows.

Information correct as of 30/03/2016. The parameters assume you are receiving services from the Astra 2 satellite cluster at 28 degrees East. All Sky UK/RoI and Freesat users will already have satellite dishes pointing at Astra 2.


  1. As always, this information is very useful for those of us not using Sky boxes