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Insight Radio becomes RNIB Connect as part of new initiative

The Royal National Institute for the Blind has relaunched its radio service Insight Radio as RNIB Connect as part of a new initiative to build a stronger community of blind and partially sighted people, families, friends, carers and supporters. 

The station became Europe's first radio station for blind and partially sighted listeners when it launched in 2007, as part of a revamp of the RNIB's radio offering, which previously took the form of a part-time online service.

Broadcasting 24/7 on 101 FM in Glasgow, online and on Freeview channel7 30, the new RNIB Connect will, according to a statement from the RNIB, be an integral part of a "new force" bringing together the station’s 135,300 listeners.

Reassuring listeners, RNIB confirmed to listeners that it was business as usual for the station:
"You can still expect the same high quality programming from RNIB Connect Radio with all your usual favourite shows and presenters and you’ll continue to hear a broad range of information, interviews and features highlighting the interests, challenges and aspirations of the RNIB Connect community.
The only difference will be that going forward we will be able to connect more blind and partially sighted people and share more stories within the community.
It will provide a platform for people to share experiences of living with little or no sight, inform and create new programming on topics of interest and be relevant to listeners throughout the UK."


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