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Freesat announces data collection partnership

Freesat has announced a partnership TVbeat, which aims to collect data about how users are using its connected TV service.

The free-to-air satellite TV provider says it will only collect real-time data from viewers that have opted-in to allow collection of their data. The data will be used by Freesat to help develop its products and to "deliver new innovations" to viewers.

Commenting on the partnership, Matthew Huntington, CTO at Freesat said:
“It’s important to Freesat’s innovation and continued development that we are able to understand how viewers are using the service. The TVbeat platform is incredibly fast, easy to use and allows Freesat to quickly gain an insightful understanding of how our service is being used.”

Laurence Miall d’Aout, CEO at TVbeat said: 
“Our platform is unique in its capability to ingest and contextualise raw data in real-time, allowing our clients to quickly identify and adapt their service towards evolving viewing behaviour. We are excited to work with Freesat as our first client in the UK."


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