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Chris Country arrives in London on DAB

Country Music station Chris Country has this morning announced its arrival across London and parts of the South East on DAB digital radio.

According to a post by the station on Facebook, it's the first time London has had a country music station for almost 15 years, in a new distribution agreement with Switchdigital, operator of the multiplex on VHF Block 12A in Greater London.

Chris Country was one of the stations listed in the failed Listen2Digital bid for the new Digital 2 multiplex, now operated by Sound Digital. In addition to London, the station is also partaking in a number of small-scale DAB trials in Cambridge, Manchester and Portsmouth.

Capacity on Switchdigital recently became available when Amazing Radio was dropped from the multiplex.


  1. In glorious mono :(. This station needs to be on the new SDL multiplex in DAB+ stereo


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