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Changes to ITV3+1 and CITV on Freeview

Timeshift channel ITV3+1 is changing its broadcast hours on Freeview at the end of March, as part of some technical changes that are taking place during Wednesday 30th March.

ITV3+1 (channel 34) will revert back to broadcasting from 6pm until midnight, undoing a recent change which saw its broadcast hours extended through the night.

At the same time, children's channel CITV (channel 122), which timeshares capacity on Freeview with ITV3+1 will also be affected by the technical / frequency change. Despite having had its hours increased until 9pm on cable, satellite and internet services, CITV will continue its current Freeview broadcast hours of 6am to 6pm on Freeview.

In order to continue watching ITV3+1 and CITV, some viewers may need need to retune their Freeview devices once the technical changes have taken place during the course of the 30th March, and check any recordings set for these channels.

YouView users (BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Plusnet TV) are also nominally affected by these technical changes, however YouView boxes are all designed to pick up this type of change automatically in the background.