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CBBC to stay up late from 11th April

Children's channel CBBC is set to launch its extended evening schedule on Monday 11th April 2016.

The long-awaited extension of broadcast hours follows this week's closure of the BBC Three online linear promo channel, which timeshared CBBC's bandwidth between 7pm and 5:30am. With BBC Three removed from linear TV, CBBC will take two hours of BBC Three's former bandwidth and run until 9pm every night.

Shows scheduled for the extra two hours of CBBC include children's favourites Horrible Histories, The Dumping Ground and Operation Ouch!, according to preliminary schedules for the channel.

The extension of CBBC's hours formed part of a set of proposals issued by BBC management as part of the closure of BBC Three TV, but appeared to contradict the rationale behind BBC Three's move online - i.e. that younger audiences are moving away from traditional, linear TV services. In November, Alice Webb, director of BBC Children’s, said that nearly one million children between the ages of six and twelve, around one fifth of all children in CBBC’s target demographic, already watch television between 7pm and 9pm each evening.

What the BBC will do with the remaining BBC Three bandwidth from 9pm every evening hasn't yet been publicly announced. In November 2015, the BBC Trust demanded that the BBC Executive outline their plans for the vacated overnight capacity on terrestrial and satellite platform by the end of February...


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