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BBC channel changes 31st March

UPDATED | Following the removal of BBC Three from linear TV platforms, the BBC is undergoing a reshuffle of its services. 

The reshuffle, which started on 31st March will completed on 6th April 2016 following delays in moving BBC Alba.

106 BBC One HD (England); BBC Two HD (Elsewhere)
107 BBC Four (HD on an HD box, SD on an SD box)
108 BBC Two HD (England); BBC One SD (Elsewhere)
109 BBC ALBA (UK wide)
110 BBC Four (SD on an HD box, blank elsewhere) Moved from 148.

115 BBC One HD (England) Moved from channel 141
141 BBC Two SD (HD boxes); HD (SD Boxes)
142 BBC Alba
143 BBC Four (SD on HD boxes, HD on SD boxes)

115 BBC Two HD 
141 BBC One SD (HD boxes), SD (HD boxes)
142 BBC Alba
143 BBC Four (SD on HD boxes, HD on SD boxes)

141 BBC One HD (or BBC One NI on SD boxes)
142/3 BBC Two HD/SD (depending on type of box used)
211 BBC Four
215 BBC One NI (on HD boxes)

BBC Alba (Scotland only) moves from channel 8 to 7 on 5th April.

The delay in announcing the changes means that some listings magazines have incorrect channel numbers listed.


  1. On what planet are these morons on to have BBC Four ahead of BBC Two in the EPG listing?!
    Its utterly stupid!!

    1. It gets even worse: there's contradictions between what was released last week and what has finally been announced by BBC Reception Advice a few hours ago. How long have they known BBC Three was closing...

    2. The amount of time they've had to make something that is A) Coherent, B) Of common sense and C) Not backward is staggering and yet it seems we're still in amateur hour!
      Is it any wonder that so many providers' EPG are a mess with stupidity like this!?

    3. Don't forget that Freeview has ITV2+1 before ITV+1. The LCNs are getting worse all the time with their logic, with the lack of 3 between 2 and 4 as well. Things that need to be addressed by Freesat, Freeview and BBC:
      1. Swap ITV+1 and ITV2+1 on Freeview to be the logical way round.
      2. Swap BBC Two HD and BBC Four on Freesat to be the logical way round.
      3. Rename BBC Four to an appropriate name that doesn't involve a number.
      4. Chop the license fee and just have adverts on BBC like the rest of the corporations. After all, the BBC do have some adverts advertising their own stuff anyway.

    4. By accident rather than design I suspect ITV+1 being on 33 actually works well - you look for channel 3 then give that button one more push to get the +1 version. ITV2+1 is just on a random number!

      Ideally we'd have something similar to Australia with ITV channels in the 30s, C4s in the 40s etc. and the non-PSBs from the 60s, but that would probably be starting to cause problems now with ITV and C4 at least close to the 10 channel mark, if not past it.

  2. Today I have had BBC Two SD England on 142 and 141 has been blank. This is different to what you have on this page.

  3. I forgot to say that that's with a Sky + HD box.

    1. As indicated at the top of the Sky (UK) channel listings, some changes have been delayed due to technical reasons, so only some aspects have been implemented so far.