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Al Jazeera appoints Arqiva for global sat distribution: "better viewing experience" promised

Arqiva has been appointed by Al Jazeera Media Networks to distribute news channels Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Arabic to popular global networks, a move which is promised will bring "a better viewing experience".

The UK infrastructure company was chosen by the Qatar media giant to provide its global teleport & satellite distribution services, with work having commenced in February of this year.

The new agreement will allow Al Jazeera to offer its international audience a "better viewing experience", with increased bit rates and video quality promised. Additionally, Arqiva says that viewers will also be able to "enjoy the improved network resilience thanks to the use of dual and triplicate redundancy on key components of the core fibre, satellite and teleport design".

Abdulla AlNajjar, Executive Director of Global Brand and Communications at Al Jazeera, commented:
“With Arqiva already providing the transmission for all of Al Jazeera’s output to the Middle East from its UK Teleports, it made sense to turn to them as we looked to take on a new global satellite distribution partner. This agreement is another step towards providing our audiences across the world with a higher quality viewing experience.” 

David Crawford, Managing Director for Satellite & Media at Arqiva, commented:
“With millions of households tuning in worldwide, Al Jazeera is one of the biggest multinational, multimedia news networks in the industry – and one we’re thrilled to be working with. We look forward to continuing to be a trusted partner of AJMN, helping them to monetise their content in multiple ways across multiple territories.”

In the UK, Arqiva also distributes both news channels via its terrestrial (Freeview) multiplex "COM7", whereby since the beginning of the month, Al Jazeera English is now only available in HD. Arqiva will now be responsible for the global satellite distribution of the channels; the satellite signal in turn supplies other networks, such as local cable services.


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