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A new look for CBBC

UPDATED | BBC children's channel CBBC has been given a new look, which went live first thing on Monday morning.

Images of the new CBBC logo were first spotted online on Sunday, coinciding with work taking place in the CBBC studio over the weekend in preparation for the new look.

The logo features blobs that represent the letters C B B C.

It's the second BBC service to get a refresh this year, following on from the new look that BBC Three (II!) got back in January and has been designed with usage on various digital devices in mind.

Cheryl Taylor, the Controller of CBBC said:
We are now the proud owners of a versatile and dynamic logo which works in every space and is designed to appeal to both ends of our broad age spectrum. Whether on large-screen TVs or hand-held devices our new brand identity is bright, mischievous and sophisticated – just like the CBBC audience who helped us to choose it and have told us they love it!

The BBC also plans to extend CBBC's broadcast hours to 9pm shortly, taking up some of the timeshared TV bandwidth currently used by BBC Three's online promo video.

The CBBC channel is now just over 14 years old, having launched on the 11th February 2002. CBBC celebrated its 30th anniversary on the 9th September 2015; between 1985 and 2012, CBBC programmes were shown in dedicated branded strands during the daytime on either BBC One or BBC Two.


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