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Viacom plays musical chairs with its channels on Sky

Viacom has today reshuffled some of its music channels on Sky, putting its free-to-air music channel VIVA ahead of some of its MTV-branded sister channels.

  • 353 VIVA (was 357)
  • 354 MTV Dance (was 353)
  • 355 MTV Rocks (was 354)
  • 356 MTV Classic (was 355)
  • 357 VH-1 (was 356)
  • 358 MTV Music+1 (replaces MTV Live SD)

With MTV Music+1 replacing the standard definition version of MTV Live, MTV Live becomes an HD only service on Sky, available on channel 386.

Elsewhere on Sky, Watch (channel 109) today became "W", the rebrand is part of a relaunch of the channel (reported here), which also applies to viewers on other pay TV platforms.


  1. Why is MTVHD on 126 and not with all the other music channels 350+ ??

    1. The main MTV channel is not a music channel, its mix of reality entertainment shows means it sits in the entertainment section of the Sky EPG.


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